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Want to earn free money through Affiliate Marketing?

Here’s how you can learn affiliate marketing and make money for free in your sleep!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning money by promoting other people’s products and getting a commission. you can simply find affiliate programs on websites like Clickbank.

The good part about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need any money to make your first 100 dollars online.

How do Affiliate Marketing works?

When you sign up for an affiliate program the company gives you a unique link that redirects customers to there product.

if the customer opens your link and buys the product, you get a commission. That’s how simple it is!


What is ClickBank?


ClickBank is a global internet retailer and affiliate marketplace.

The company has more than six-million clients worldwide. You can find 100s of affiliate program which you can use for free.

yes, you can get a free affiliate link with commission worth thousands of dollars.

Get your affiliate link from Clickbank and promote it.


How to get your Affiliate Link (hoplink)

  1. Sign up on Clickbank 
  2. Once you log into Clickbank click on the marketplace on the top right corner

3. When you enter Marketplace look for products you are interested in promoting. Every product will show the average commission you will get per sale. You will also see a list of niches on your left

4. Click on the red promote button to get your affiliate link

5. Once you click on the promote button you will see an option to generate uplink. Click on the generate hoplink button

and  you will create your unique affiliate link

6. You can use this hoplink to promote your product

How to Promote your Product

6 Easiest and free ways to promote your affiliate link

1 – Website

If you want to get success in affiliate marketing you need to create a website! Every content you make will land your viewers to your website.

Create a website related to your niche and start uploading articles to the website which ultimately leads to your affiliate product.

Your website will act as a bridge page, all your content irrespective of the platform you are creating it on will lead to your website.

2 – Facebook and Instagram pages

Facebook and Instagram pages are one of the best free sources of promoting your hoplink.

Just create an Instagram/Facebook page and start providing information or content related to your niche.

on every content, you post provide a link to your website.

Don’t spam links! Provide value to your followers. These pages are very easy to grow and there are millions of people on social media.

3 – Pinterest

Pinterest is another social media website yet different.

Tailwind is a tool I use to grow on Pinterest. Tailwind makes it very easy to grow your website.

Create your pins and add them to the tailwind tribe. Make sure to add your article or website link on Pinterest. Tribe members will share your post and you will get views.

creating and sharing pins will help you grow on Pinterest within few weeks!

4 – Email Marketing

Email marketing is a pretty popular way of promoting your product. Email marketing has a high conversion rate but can cost you a little money…

How to get emails?

you can start collecting emails on your website

You can also create a funnel where you can provide any free products like books. People can only access your products if they provide you there email.

Once you create an email, start promoting your product by sending emails weekly.

5 – Start your youtube channel

Create a youtube channel and start reviewing products there.

Youtube is the second largest search engine. Basic SEO will help you easily rank on top of youtube.

just review your affiliate product and provide your affiliate link or link to your website in the description.

When you start growing on youtube then there is no stopping

6 – Quora

Start answering product-related questions on quora and provide a link to your website or your article which will help then answer their query.

Do not spam the same answers on every question or you will get banned.

Read and understand the question first and then answer accordingly.

This method will help you create backlinks to your website which is highly essential in the long run.


*You won’t make money overnight, this will take some time. Focus on providing value in your content instead of spamming links to your product*

Once you start making money you can scale up through paid advertisements

Secret Tool!

Get pro at affiliate marketing

I just shared some basic ways to promote your affiliate product or earn money through affiliate marketing.

If you really want to become successful at affiliate marketing then I would recommend you trying some affiliate marketing program before staring

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