Can Dropshipping Make You Money? Dropshipping Business Model

In this post, I will tell you if you can really make money with dropshipping and if dropshipping can be your full-time job.

Dropshipping is the most popular business model and many people are even making 6 to 7 figures with it.

In dropshipping, you just need to know you what you are doing and I guess that will make you money.

Why dropshipping?


  • Dropshipping is a low risk running business.
  • You don’t need to create your own product. You can just find one on  SaleHoo
  • High-Profit margins
  • No need to focus on shipping and customer service
  • Make money in your sleep!




What Makes Dropshipping so Easy?

You just have to make the ad attractive and keep the price low.

The attractive ad is the hook that will induce the viewers to buy the product. And, once they are interested, you tell them the price.

The price should be low (3x profit margin)  so they get sold on it instantly.

However, you probably don’t have all the time in the world to experiment with figuring out which dropshipping products sell well and which don’t. I hear from you.

It’d be ideal to already have some idea of which products sell well before using this business model.

For instance, you might want to know whether t-shirts sell better than toys. The answer is: It depends. It all depends on your niche, but there are certain product criteria you can keep in mind when considering which dropshipping products to sell to figure out if they will sell well or not within your niche.

Overall, dropshipping is a very promising business model. It’s even more promising when you choose the right type of products so that you can get more sales. The good thing is, what works for you might not work for others, so you don’t need to worry as much about competing sellers who might be inspired to follow your chosen path.

Can Dropshipping Make You Rich?



The answer is yes! Dropshipping can make you rich.

In dropshipping, you have 3x profit margins. For example, if you are selling a problem-solving product and you get that product for 20$ you will be selling it at 100$, even one sale will make you 80$, and hence will cover your Shopify subscription cost. 10 sales will cover your Facebook ads cost and after that, you have more than enough money to scale up your store.

When you are trying to scale up with the right product and the right audience with a sufficient budget there’s no way you are not making 6 figures a month!

High ticket and low ticket products

High ticket products in a simple language mean expensive products. Where you buy a product for 40$ and sell it for 200$, here we will call this product a high ticket product.

You might get fewer sales in such a product but few sales will make you a lot of money in the beginning. Once you scale up with such products then you will make 6 figures easily

While on the other hand Low ticket Products means low cost or cheap products. Where you buy a product for 2$ and sell it for 20$, you make a profit of 18$ and we will call this product a low ticket product. Because of the price factor, you might be able to make some sales in the beginning but low ticket products are not good for the long run according to me.

I would recommend going to a high ticket product 

Can Dropshipping be your full-time job?

Yes, of course, dropshipping can be your full-time job.

once you start making sales and you will be spending all your time on how to create attractive ads, what kind of people you should target, what kind of product you should sell, and much other stuff.

Once you scale up you will easily make you living with dropshipping.

First start of making dropshipping your side hustle and after some time and results make it full time.

in other words, For the first 3 to 6 months you will struggle a bit but yes you can make dropshipping your full-time job.

Why Learning is Important Before Starting Dropshipping

The BIGGEST mistake beginners make before starting an online business or something like dropshipping is that they start investing their time and money without knowing what they are doing.

Some dedicated people put 100 hours of work without knowing anything about finding the right product, how to promote your product, how to create a converting Shopify store, how to create Facebook ads, and money other stuff.

Eventually, they end up having 0 bucks in their bank account.

Don’t be like them!

Always know what you are doing. smart work is more important than hard work!

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