This Is How Affiliate Marketing With Problem Solving Products Can Make You 6 Figures

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are successful in Affiliate Marketing because they understand something called Solve The Problem.

This is really important when choosing a specific industry or niche to jump into, you need to solve somebody’s problem.

Basically, when you sell a product that solves a problem, the product sells itself.

It is very very important to promote a product that solves a problem!

Examples of Product and Niches

Here I will show some examples of product and niches that solves a problem. try promoting the same prodcuts or finding similar products to promote.

Make money online

affiliate marketing

let us say for example this is a product that teaches you how to make money with Clickbank. If a beginner is looking for how to make money online and you show him this product, the product will sell itself which means you need to target the right audience.

for example, this cb university 2.0 program helps people learn how to make money by doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank.


fitness/Health and niche

affiliate marketing In the fitness industry for example people are looking for ways to lose their weight. So you need to find out a product that will help them solve their problem that is help them lose weight

For example, this bikini body workout helps people lose their weight.


Sports niche

affiliate marketing This product right here, Vert Shock helps people jump higher and dunk better. All the basketball players obviously want to dunk better.

You need to target the pain point of the people and that will make you money.



affiliate marketing This product right here teaches how to recondition a car’s battery. There are hundreds and thousands of mechanics all over the world that can save money with this product. Instead of buying new batteries for their customer now, they can simply make the existing batteries work again.



Software niche

This is an email marketing software. You need to understand that every business in this world needs this software, even you doing affiliate marketing will need this software.

So when you actually promote something that people actually need that’s another level of problem-solving.  When you promote something that people actually need then there’s no choice and they are going to buy that product. That’s the power of software!


So you won’t just make money by promoting anything, you need to promote stuff that’s proven or that solves a problem or solves the need.

You can go out and promote hundreds of products but if they don’t solve a problem you are not going to make money.

When you start solving someone’s problem the commission becomes a whole lot of easier.

I say it again, Solving a problem is very very important!

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Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – Choosing The Right Niche

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