Affiliate Marketing – How To Choose The Right Domain For Your Website

In this post, we are going to go through how to choose a domain name or a website name or your website.

If you are doing affiliate marketing or you want to earn money online then you need a website, there is no other way around.

Why you need a website?

affiliate marketing


To be honest, you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook and Instagram but it won’t be worth it.

you might get veiws but your views won’t convert. It will be a mere waste of your time promoting products on social media without a website.

A website makes you look more professional and trustworthy in the eyes of the customer and large affiliate marketing networks as well. Many people on the internet say that you don’t need a website to make your first commission but that’s not true! trust me, if you are serious about affiliate marketing you need a website!

Yes, you should be active on social media but your social media pages should act as you bridge pages which lead your viewers to your website simply add a post and add your website link in the signature. That’s how social media works instead of just promoting products directly on them.

Choosing a domain name

Don’t overthink your website name.

A website name isn’t as important as you might think unless you plan to build some big authority website like Shopify or entrepreneur magazine and you want to be a big brand, you don’t want to spend too much time thinking on your domain name.

For example :

  • – It is a website that teaches you how to make money. This name honestly has no meaning, the ‘Dimes’ word just give a hint about what the site is about.
  • – This is another site that focuses on creating content on funnels. This is also another random words in which ‘funnel’ gives hint about sites content or niche
  • is another website that creates content about fitness
  • creates website tutorials and help people build their own website.

These are some examples of the domain that gives you an idea about how you can choose your domain name.

make sure your domain name is not more than 2 words and easy to remember.

the domain name for Amazon website

If you are going to build an amazon website where you are specifically going to review products then I would recommend adding words like ‘best’ or ‘top’ or ‘review’.

For example


But if you want to create content about multiple things then you might ignore adding these words in your domain but make sure you chose a domain name that relates to your niche.

For example,

there is a website called

This is an affiliate marketing website that creates content related to the basketball niche.

they have chosen just a random domain name and they are doing stuff like – show reviews, tools, amazon product review, Clickbank products and etc.

The domain name now doesn’t matter in ranking factor on google anymore.

now, that’s just an example of an affiliate website where they are doing everything.

Where to find domain names

Here’s a website called where you can find hundreds of domain name idea and check instantly if the domain name you like is available.

Even I found my website name WiredWages on It’s a pretty good website and will help you out choose your domain.

You just go to the site and put in the niche that you want to build your website around.

Where to buy Domains?

I would like to share the website where I bought my domain from and saved a lot of money!

Instead of buying domains buy a web hosting subscription from because you might find your domain expensive but if you buy a web hosting service you will get a domain for free and you just have to pay for the web hosting which will be much cheaper for you.

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