5 Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing With Free Traffic

You want to start your own affiliate marketing business online but you don’t have the capital to invest in paid marketing then its totally alright. In the beginning not investing money on traffic is a better option than spending hundreds of dollars and not getting returns.

Free traffic is the best source of earning money at the beginning of your affiliate marketing business. Even the experts in Affiliate marketing try to get 50% organic traffic to their websites because once you start getting organic traffic it won’t stop plus organic traffic is much more high converting because you just make money for free!

affiliate marketing


5 Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing

1. Free Traffic is High Converting.

affiliate marketing


Free traffic is really high converting because if people are searching for the niche you are making content means that they are really interested in your niche.

for example: If you have an affiliate site of vert shock ( vertical jump improvement program) and you create content like a product review or how can anyone improve their vertical jump. If a person is searching on google how to increase your vertical jump it means that he is really interested in that topic and there are very high chances that he might buy your product.

While Incase of paid advertisement its almost the opposite. While in free advertising people on their own search for our keyword we made content for in paid advertising we kind of forcefully show people the content we created and the product we promoting. We don’t know that the person on the other side of the screen is really interested or not in buying our product or viewing our content in a paid advertisement.

free advertisement is much more high converting also because it’s free! If you think logically, we made those sales for free without advertisement so it will be considered much more high converting

2. Free Traffic is Much More Sustainable

free traffic is much more sustainable because if you are getting views, you are getting it for your content.

some ways to get free traffic are

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google SEO
  • twitter
  • quora
  • forums

If you are not paying these platforms to promote your content and you are still getting engagement then you are obviously getting fewer veiws and most of the veiws you get are on from your followers who follow you on these platforms, but that’s alright.

In free advertising, the bigger advantage is that you won’t stop getting veiws the moment you stop pumping cash into advertising. You might get fewer veiws but if those veiws grow organically then that’s the best thing for you.

It will take time to buy it is long-lasting. Once you establish search engine visibility then it will serve your site at best.

3. Free Traffic is Cost-Effective

If you start paid marketing you are investing for an add on which people will click on but in reality, you don’t know if the people will click it or not.

It takes massive investment and lots of tasks to make an advertisement work. You also need to test various advertisements to see which advertisement works for you.

But in organic traffic, organic traffic is much more low cost and high converting.

Because you have no intention of investing in an advertisement therefore you focus only on your content, quality, and more on your website and social media platforms. This stuff works as assets of your website which will make you money in the long run.

Once you work on these assets and improve and then you pay a little money to bring traffic to your website than the cost per organic visitors will decrease as your return increases. It is a cumulative process that will happen over time. You will create an ecosystem around your website which will be best for you.

4. Organic Traffic Gives you a Competetive Edge

When you have no time and money to spend on the advertisement you have to work more on your content trying to improve it constantly. SEO is another major factor that will help you make Growing your site.

Your competitors might pay to bring traffic to their sites but it won’t be converting. Your content is your strength, competitors can’t steal your content.

If you rank among the top 10 posts on google then that’s the golden opportunity for you! SEO is non-negotiable. If you have very good content that generally helps people and you know how to basic SEO than within a few months you will start ranking on google. As we are trying to generate free traffic content and SEO should be our main goal as of now.

5. Organic Traffic Gives You Credibility

When you search for something on google lets say you search for ’12 minutes affiliate marketing’ you will see some ads on Google at the top. Will you click them? No, 75% of users don’t click those ads because they don’t trust them. They would like to go for the organic search result because it seems more trustworthy and reliable to them.

If your website starts ranking people start trusting you, but for that, you have to make content that no one else is providing. People will come back to your website fir your content and  the trust you built.

It is very obvious that if people will like your content and trust your website then they are more likely to click on your affiliate links.

I would again say that ‘ CONTENT IS THE KEY’

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