How To Do Dropshipping Using Instagram Reels? 4 Steps To The Most Cost Efficient Marketing!

In this post, I am going to show you exactly how can you make money by marketing your dropshipping product using Instagram reels.

Tiktok made a new way of consuming content with a proprietary algorithm that delivers that content and now Instagram took that and call it reels. This a pretty new feature on Instagram and it might be the next big thing, also Instagram is also pushing this feature very much because of the amazing content.

Instagram reels is a very cost efficient and viral marketing strategy to sell a product

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when a company stocks the items and sends them directly to your customers. Usually, when you have an online store, you need to purchase stock. You then need to send individual items to your customers. You need to buy stock in advance.

Dropshipping lets you skip this step.

When a customer buys an item from you, you contact the drop shipping company (otherwise known as a drop shipper) and purchase the item from them. They will then send this item directly to your customer. This removes the risk of buying and selling online.

Dropshipping With Instagram Reels

1. Find a Product

Here is an example of a product that I found on aliexpress. This is a dog seat cover for cars which is a problem solving product. You might want to use a similar product. ( I won’t recommend this product because I have not tried and I don’t know how this will work.)


This is not really a product that I want to build a brand around but I think it can definitely work as a test to see if we can sell something using Instagram reels.

So now as you have a product go on and build a store around it.

2. Creating your store

Here are some tips you can use to create a high converting and successful Shopify store

Create an Engaging Homepage


Think of your homepage as the face of your company. It tells your customers the products and services that you offer. Your customers don’t always have the time to figure out what you’re selling so the homepage has to clearly state that.

Be concise and direct in conveying the most important info to your customers (it will also be useful in a variety of other situations). Don’t tell the customer when your business was found or how many sales managers you have, save that info for the ‘About Us’ page. A good homepage also links to the categories to ease site navigation and make the user experience seamless. There may also be banners with special offers and promotions.

Sometimes you also need to place contacts or even an online chat to answer all customer questions quickly. Live chats have the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel with 73 percent, so you should consider using it for your store.

Make the Most Out of Category Pages

instagram reels

Category pages are comparable to the shelves you find in a physical store.

This provides you with a chance to show your customers what you have to offer.

It’s always a good idea to place pictures, a short description of your products, the price, a small section for review counts, and an ‘Add to Cart’ option under each product indicated in your category pages.

You can also add sorting options (by bestsellers, reviews count, price, newest, etc.) or ajax scroll.

If you decide to go for sorting, make sure you set all the canonicals and navigational tags properly.

If you choose infinite scroll for your categories, remember to comply with Google guidelines since they can be quite strict about this.

Fine Tune Your Product Page

A customer navigates through your site to land on a product page. He intends to find something interesting and to eventually make a purchase.

The final decision greatly depends on the quality and quantity of information you provide but it doesn’t mean you should write a 1000-word description (save the words for a user guide or even a blog post about the product).

Your goal is to show all the relevant info as quickly as possible, so it should be organized in a user-friendly manner.

Use a Tracking & Analyzing Tool for Shopify

Don’t stop with just marketing your products and services. As an owner of an online store, it’s important to know if your business is doing well or not. The easiest way to get that info is to set up your Google Analytics. This will help you track key performance indicators so that you’ll know which aspects of your online store needs to be strengthened.

3. Advertising

I have only one tip to share for advertising on Instagram reels.

Try not to make the ad very well produced try to make your ad look like an organic piece of content so that when people see it they don’t feel like that its just an ad and scroll right past it. You ad being organic will let more people see your videos and will also generate more traffic to your store.

Make sure your advertisement is only 15 seconds long because reels are restricted to that time limit.

Try to make sure people enjoy your ad as a regular piece of content and that’s the key to advertising on TikTok and now also on Instagram reels.

This post might help you.

Marketing for dropshipping: 7-step marketing guide for dropshipping


Now as we have the product, website, and advertisement its time for marketing.

4. Marketing

Try hitting some dog pages which are getting good views. DM them and negotiate about there price for putting your advertisement. On average each page may cost you 25 dollars. Try hitting a bunch of pages, this may cost you around 100-150 dollars.

Getting shoutouts on Instagram pages is a very very good method of advertising. You may get up to 200k targeted veiws for 100 dollars which is completely insane!

This is a very simple and cost efficient method of advertising.

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